This image represents all the amazing artists I met in 14 years of career (yes,I started when I still was in high school),the art directors and agencies who believed in me and helped me to fulfill my dream of making a living out of something I deeply love.
It represents the guys from slashTHREE,one of the very first digital art collectives in the world,born when digital fine art was just a way of having fun for a few nerds.Everyone was so skeptical about it,look at us now!
It represents my friends,those who I haven't seen for ages and those who are still there,with whom I shared fun,laughs,despair.
It represents my grandmas,grandpas,uncles and aunts,cousins,because I've been lucky enough to have one of those families where everyone supports everyone,sometimes we don't see each other for the longest time,but when we do it feels like nothing changed.
It represents my little brother,ten years younger,who teaches me every day how to keep being young inside and objectively appreciate trap music even if I don't like it. 
But most of all it represents my parents,to whom I owe EVERYTHING,and since I'm an asshole I've probably never told them.
This artwork's title is "Life".

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