Leonardo begins his artistic career at the age of 17,joining the SlashTHREE art 
collective,where he shares ideas with illustrators,photographers and music producers.
Together with SlashTHREE he published 2 books and 7 exhibitions,presented later in 2011 
at the Barcelona OFFF Festival.
In 2012 he’s included in the AdWeek top 100 creative talents worldwide.
During the same year he starts to work in the Advertising industry collaborating with 
renowned agencies and photographers.
He occasionally gives lectures about photography and postproduction in Rome,Milan and 
Naples for CreativeProShow,DigitalShark Academy and Accademia delle Arti e Nuove 

Selected Clients: 
Engie,Maserati,Mercedes,Coca Cola Japan,British Institute,WhistlePig Whiskey,Atlantis 

Pubblications and Prizes:
-Luerzer's 200 Best Digital artists Worldwide 2017/2018
- Adweek Top100 Talents Worldwide
- Ads of the World
- Lurzer’s Archive 
- Ame Awards Finalist,New York
- New York,The Story of the Creative (Exhibition)
- Tokyo,Shibuya Art Festival (Exhibition)
- Mediastars Special star for Digital Imaging
- Advanced Photoshop magazine
- Annual Design Awards book
- Expressions book (slashTHREE&PSDtuts)
- Fantasy Art bookazine (Imagine Publishing)
- New Era book (SlashTHREE&Maxon)
- Semi-Permanent (2011 event book)