Personal version

VanGogh Agency approached us with a layout which aim was to show the ability of the Levante to overcome any situation,sand,ice,mountain peeks.
The chosen original image was created entirely by using stock images, looking for a really illustrative style which 
could fit the previous ones.
But at cZero studio we decided to give a new life to the layout by mixing real world photographs, 3D and matte paint techniques in order to achieve a totally different look.
This is the result of our very own personal view and reinterpretation, hope you enjoy!
Image Production: CzeroStudio
Layout and idea development: VanGogh Creative Milano
Photography: Roberto Costantini
Car Modeling: Antonello Addipietro
3D Generalist: Claudio Errico
Mattepaint and compositing: Leonardo Dentico

Original Backplate:
Clay Render
Thank you! 

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